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Michael Cline, PG

A professional engineering geologist with over 40 years of experience in project management, siting of critical facilities, regulatory compliance, mineral exploration, mine feasibility studies, and mine operation. Mr. Cline has worked in the US, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. He has served as a Technical Lead, Project Manager, Operations Manager, and Vice President with multiple international firms and has also been an independent consultant for the private clients, international aid institutions, and foreign governments. Mr. Cline has lead projects related to siting critical facilities, assessing geologic hazards, environmental compliance, mineral exploration, and mine development.  He has provided consultancy for precious metal, base metal, and industrial mineral projects in the US, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia and Liberia.  He has operated a small lode gold mine in Colombia.  Mr. Cline has multiple publications and has lectured on seismic and volcanic hazards and radioactive waste disposal. He has served in the capacity of an officer for the Board of Directors of professional societies and non-profit community organizations. Mr. Cline has a MSc from Idaho State University with an emphasis on structural geology and economic mineral genesis.

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(702) 497-5193