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Don M Bosco, Esq.

Mr. Bosco brings almost thirty years of experience as an international corporate attorney and project manager. He is the founder of the Nicaraguan Dry Canal Project. Among his private law clients in Asia and Europe, Mr. Bosco serves as General Counsel to an international telecom company based in NY and for Alcatel in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has lectured by invitation of the United Nations in Thailand and other countries on the development of major infrastructure projects financed by private investment. He has experience managing financial services and trading firms in Hong Kong, Taipei and Beijing. He served as branch manager for U.S., Hong Kong, and Taiwan trading companies. He has been Counsel to Quotron Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Citicorp, Inc., and went on to become a Senior Counsel in Citicorp’s legal department.. He served as Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Shearson Lehman Trading Company and a Vice President of Shearson Lehman/American Express in New York. He was a consultant to the U.S. Trade & Development Program in Beijing, and was minority counsel to the Special Subcommittee on U.S. Trade with China of the U.S. House of Representatives. He served as a Captain in the US Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps and became Counsel for International Development at the Headquarters, Chief of Engineers, US Army Corps of Engineers, in Washington, DC. Mr. Bosco is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington and Fordham University School of Law in New York, and holds an L.L.M. degree in international and comparative law from Georgetown University Law Center. He is an avid antique auto collector and a private pilot.

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