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David Merritt

Mr. Merritt is a graduate of the Geology Department of the University of Texas at Austin, and has over 25 years of diverse  experience in the mining industry.  He has conducted surface mapping of structures and mineralized zones, supervised drilling operations involving multiple rigs and drilling styles, logged core and cuttings, and analyzed and interpreted data using a variety of tools. Mr. Merritt has worked in Texas, Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, and Iowa. He has explored, analyzed and characterized terrains dominated by volcanics, carbonates, siliciclastics, and clays, supporting projects ranging from gold, nuclear waste isolation, hydrologic research, energy storage and clay mining. He has designed and developed relational databases, including for the tracking of samples and the processing of core, making use of both stand-alone interfaces and web-based front ends. Mr. Merritt enjoys both field work and computer programming, and has on occasion found the opportunities to do both at once.

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